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We are an indie game development studio based in London and Istanbul. We believe games should enhance the player’s creativity. Regardless of the genre of the type of game we are working on, we place the emphasis on creating an experience the player can recall and cherish.

Core Values

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Our Games

Our success in creating awesome games comes from the depth of our experiences and
years of passion.


Weapon Craft Run is our latest hit.

Embark on a runner game where you shoot your way through obstacles, enemies while avoiding traps and hazards and try to reach the end-game! . Earn money by playing through over 700 uniquely designed levels!


Work In Progress

Fight for the fate and proesperity of lootgard!

DOL is a work in progress, a multiplayer RPG game where players can team up with other players to take on challenging enemies loot awesome gear and fight for the future of Lootgard!


The Glass Champions of Blockchain Gaming

MarbleVerse is an exciting Marble Racing Simulation game on the Blockchain! Players can choose to buy from 20.000 uniquely designed Marble nft's to race and earn real life currency!


Search, Dig , Explore and Much More !

Gold Rush is our first Hit game with over 10 Million downloads on mobile platforms, find valuable gems, metals, gold and silver by digging through unique levels and become the richest miner out there!


Delve Into The Woods, Learn Arcane Secrets and Save Aranel.

Aranel, the heart of nature's balance is in peril. Evil returns once again seeking vengeance. The Wood-Elves face a new wrath. As ancient grudges resurface, prepare for war and defend The Woods of Aranel !


Epic Battle for Galactic Domination !

Endless League is a pvp / pvai battle royale shooter with spaceships. Choose through different classes of ships with different stats, customize your ship, use a variety of special skills to overcome your opponents!